God Works in Delirious Ways

Here is a list of compelling, chilling, and alarming stories about death.

“Count the hits, ignore the misses.”

8 year-old girl shot and killed by 11 year-old over a puppy
Mom killed by escalator in china
Mom killed by church falling on her whilst walking child
Dad throws daughter from bridge
11 year old kills baby
• Boy kills siblings over food
• Dad watches as family burns in car accident on way to party for youngest daughter
• Guy survives his car being trapped underneath 18 wheeler only to get struck by car right after
9-year-old batboy struck in head by bat, dies
• 10-year-old killed whilst attending church sitting next to his mother when stray, celebratory bullet falls on him?
• This comprehensive list of notable incidents of people being killed by celebratory gunfire should be enough for the religious to revoke their “feel-good-fuzziness” about random beneficial coincidences. There are just as many random horrific coincidences.

(This page still under construction)


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