I Can’t Believe It


I don’t want to sound harsh here, but I don’t want to believe in anything. I would rather know. Knowledge—in its simplest form—doesn’t require belief in anything. Cut out all the bullshit, build on the facts, and see where that takes you. Leave your preconceived notions at the door. Belief doesn’t change what’s real. We all live in the same physical reality here; I’m so confused with people’s ability to ignore—sometimes purposefully—what’s right in front and all around them.

A community of people, from many walks of life, cleaved together by the pursuit of knowledge, and—through an established process by which to discern information—also cleaved apart in their attempts to scrutinize and hold to the harshest of standards, can and do parse out the barest of facts on which to construct a reliable, predictable view on life. I’m speaking of scientists, of course. But there are those that argue the dogma of science, and lend it religious traits. Some even say that it’s fundamentalism. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. It is fundamental, however not the way they mean. It’s fundamental for the progression of humanity as a whole. It’s fundamental that it be accepted as the best way to discern truth. It’s fundamental in the generation of new ideas and the deconstruction of old, tired, ridiculous ones. We simply can’t move forward without it.

This is a problem for those who believe the world is ending. Ultimately, they don’t care about the world, in fact they’re taught not to. They accept and are ready for the end of all things. Based on some ancient, arguably sacred text written by people highly ignorant of the way things worked. It’s befuddling how these teachings still hold so much sway.

But, don’t take my word for all this. Please. This is simply my jaded attempt to rationalize my worldview. Go discover for yourself what to believe or not believe, but I much prefer an uncomfortable fact to a cozy lie. Go, soak up all the information. Don’t block something out because it disagrees with what you already know. Knowledge is objective, and so should we all be. Take your blinders off and ask questions.

-Sword Salad-


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