Stop posting about atheism?

Recently a friend quite abruptly commented on a post of mine, apparently annoyed at my constant criticism of religion, specifically Christianity. Admittedly, I do post quite a bit about religion these days. I can’t guess as to the percentage of atheist related posts vs all my other posts, but what does it matter? Would he have gotten upset if I was posting about how ridiculous homeopathy is? Would he have blanched at a post about how vaccines actually DO work? Would he have commented disagreeing with the efficacy of cupping? Would he even have said anything at all if the only religion I mocked was Islam?

For me, all of these things fall into the same brown stained bucket of bullshit. I like to apply my incredulity to all facets of my daily life (or I try to) and I’m sorry to say that my daily life is FULL of overly credulous individuals. And not just online. And not just about spirituality. At work, people bring up organic food and I bite my tongue. At work, people say they agree with beating children and I bite my tongue. At work (that’s really the only place I go), people nonchalantly assume I believe in the same God that they do.

It’s all the same thing. Every bit of it can be further delved into to discern what’s likely true, if your intent is honestly the pursuit of truth.

I can post a fluffy hedgehog eating a biscuit and get 15 likes easily, but if I point out inconsistency in a religion that the vast majority of my country is part of I’m lucky to get a scant handful. But maybe someone is out there, and they’re actually reading the articles I post, and they’re going deeper into questioning things they’ve just assumed are true because everyone seems to accept it, because their whole family subscribes to some autotheistic nonsense that’s chiseled onto our brains when we’re children because the ability to reason is too much for it. 

My posts are for that individual. My posts might make you uncomfortable, but that’s the goddamn problem in the first place.

Sorry, love ya, but your discomfort is another log in my furnace. Such is human nature.


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