In the defense of defenseless guns everywhere

Why is it that when this country suffers a tragedy the likes of which we saw in Florida over the weekend, at least half of its residents’ (anecdotal, to be sure. This is just my opinion) natural inclination is to come to the defense of the weapon instead of the innocents slaughtered?

Do we really value our ideas more than each other’s lives? Take a step back a form a human response to the greatest mass murder since 2001 on American soil.

Who cares about semantics of whether or not the gun was automatic or semi automatic? It still murdered a great many people in a relatively short time. The average person doesn’t need that.

This reeks of religious extremism, and yet the loudest response is from equally extreme religious people, some of whom are incapable of realizing the similarities they share with a murderer. I’m in no way calling all religious people murderers. But if your main reaction to a shooting spree isn’t to honesty ask “How can this be prevented in the future?” then I’m genuinely concerned for humanity. To dismiss this as a 1) mentally unstable person, 2) religious terrorist, 3) lone wolf, or 4) loose cannon is to ignore the many problems that lead to this outcome all too often in America.

And while I’m at it, stop it with your thoughts and prayers. They’re both the same thing, except one actually does (for some) some good, in terms of reflecting about a difficult situation. The other is just thinking really hard at someone or something up high that you hope is there, of which there is literally zero evidence. Instead, if you’re close, go donate some blood, time or money to assist the friends and families involved.

If you’re really intellectually honest and wish to learn, listen to people outside of your comfort zone. Listen to people on the other side of the political spectrum. Listen to people of other beliefs than your own. Listen to people younger than yourself. But don’t suffer bad arguments, and don’t abide hatespeech.


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