Dear People


This post is a response to recent Islamophobic platitudes rampant on social media, and the puerile notion that we are being oppressed by a Muslim President. Page says false

Snipped from a FaceBook post.

Scare tactics and overtly hyped fear mongering. It needs to stop. You could easily replace “Muslim” with “Christian” or any other religion and still get negative answers. If Christians followed the Bible to the letter, it would be no better and the average christian has to employ cognitive dissonance to see it as beneficial to society. Religion is the problem, not Islam. Religion is like taking the blue pill from the Matrix, living in happy and sometimes intentional ignorance of the real world. The red pill offers truth, no matter how hard to swallow. No manner of wishful thinking can change how the world actually is, and this senseless Islamophobia is fruitless, though not entirely undeserved. I think Islam is a terrible idea, don’t get me wrong; I just urge Christians to actually read their own bibles, and stop cherry-picking the feel good pieces that sound nice. The bible tells us to gather our neighbors and stone to death a disobedient child, it tells women to shut up and sit down, it shames childbirth and proclaims women to be unclean afterwards (twice as much so if the baby is female), and on and on. Quite tired of being silent about this, really. Bad ideas deserve ridicule, and intellectual discourse is the death of bad ideas.

I ask you only to ask questions.

-Sword Salad-


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