The nature of our political debates in this country are complete nonsense, and I can’t understand why–in this enlightened era of nearly every person in America having a portable computer in their pockets–these “candidates” are allowed to spout verifiably false platitudes. Realizing that my daughter will have to grow up in a country where facts don’t matter to a huge percent of the population has me very frightened for her safety.

This video is way more entertaining than the actual debate, and it seems like that’s the goal anyways. So, just watch this instead, it’s great.

But, if you want to look at the 2nd GoP debate, where they circle jerk on Ronald Reagan while getting plugged in the ass with a rolled up bible, here are the highlights:

I wonder what debates that discuss the actual issues distressing the daily lives of Americans look like? I’m still waiting. . .

I ask you only to ask questions.

-Sword Salad-


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