My Childhood Ruined?

If you’re actively perusing the interwebs of late you’ll know the recent crazy spewing forth from Mr Jim Carrey, but maybe you haven’t heard.
California’s governator recently passed a law removing the religious and personal belief exemptions to abstain from vaccinations, leaving sound medical reasoning as the only viable option to opt out. This is a huge win for science, and my humble hope is that more states follow suit. Frankly, it’s surprising that California was the first to do this, though not without warrant. The fairly recent outbreak of measles in the state could be linked to herd immunity being below the effective threshold, thanks to fear mongering anti-vaxxers.
I used to be in this camp, I’ll admit, but upon further study of the actual research it’s pretty clear that the benefits of vaccinating far outweigh the risks.
I found Jim’s twitter page to see for myself the insane ramblings of a star, who’s opinions some hold with far too much esteem. I saw something that some hadn’t, or maybe had but didn’t make the same connection I did (or didn’t care to):
With a whopping fifteen million followers, Jim Carrey is only following one other person! If anyone uses twitter like this you have to wonder: what kind of bubble world are they living in? Now, I’m not certain where he gets his news, but if it’s from his ex wife, Jenny McCarthy then I’m more than concerned, and so should you be. He certainly isn’t getting it from Twitter. Now, I’m not saying that social media is the only/best way to get news/information, but, if used correctly, it can be a damn good resource for obtaining up to the minute news on almost any topic you so choose.

Just because you’re people who happen to be filmed by other people for entertainment, doesn’t make you qualified to make scientific decisions about things you don’t fully comprehend. What makes me qualified to judge Jim?- you might ask: not a damn thing, just ranting like usual.

I ask you only to ask questions

-Sword Salad-


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