Credulity Is Not a Virtue


So here’s an online discussion between myself and a homeopathic spreader of nonsense. How best to break this barrier of falsehoods when the only voice of reason is shot down like this?
Several months ago I tried, and I was alerted via email about another spike in nonsense. I was disappointed all over again. . .
I just want people to employ a little incredulity. Just because some words are presented to you via your trusty little hand held space rocket launching capable computation machine doesn’t mean shit. But hey, I used to be the same way.

Rant over.

Can you count the fallacies at work here?

Notice how I specifically didn’t go into the difficulties facing over use of antibiotics. I’m fully aware that we’re creating super immune bacteria, yet this person decides to go into it like I’m an idiot. Any advice on talking to people who are convinced they know something, when literally all evidence points the other way?

I ask you only to ask questions

-Sword Salad-



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