An Artifact of Our Time

Are we privy to the death throes of religion?  Hardly.  But I think that—in my lifetime—there shall be a drastic decrease in God-fearing individuals.  I always thought that phrase to be very telling.  God-fearing?  Like he’s some monstrous totalitarian dictator bent on destruction, genocide, infanticide, and many other forms of harm he continually perpetrates on his children and so should be feared.  Do what I say lest I kill you over and over forever.  Makes perfect sense to fear this guy.  But why is “God-fearing” used as an intrinsically good trait to have?  I would hope my daughter never fears me in this way.  Does that make me more moral than God?  Definitely.

Crime is on the decline.  Teen pregnancy is on the decline.  Divorce is on the decline.  The economy is improving.  Yet the faithful see equal rights being extended to a part of society—a people that have ACTUALLY been persecuted for being BORN homosexual—as some ultimate nail in the coffin. . . I’m so weary of this tired argument already, and I fear it’s only just begun.  If you look for signs of “the end times” you’re going to find it.  The news only reports on what does happen, not on what doesn’t.

“As long as violence has not vanished from the world, there will always be enough incidents to fill the evening news. And since the human mind estimates probability by the ease with which it can recall examples, newsreaders will always perceive that they live in dangerous times. All the more so when billions of smartphones turn a fifth of the world’s population into crime reporters and war correspondents.” – Steven Pinker

I’m ashamed to be in a society where it has taken us this long to figure out that it isn’t OK to point and laugh at a person because of how they live and where they put their genitals.  There is no reason that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry.  Guess what!?  You can have sex without being married!  So the argument that the latest SCOTUS decision will somehow propagate some disease or another is ludicrous.

People spreading this kind of belief before the SCOTUS decision are now bursting at the seams and their true conviction is showing.  It’s definitely about copious hatred towards what we don’t understand and anti-intellectualism – there’s no reason to understand it because we are God’s creatures.  We don’t get to understand, and we shouldn’t strive to understand, because God said so, it must be so, forever and ever, amen.

Religious Right-wingers are scrambling.  They are lashing out, desperately trying to find purchase and pull themselves back up into relevance.  Dead weight being tossed aside when more and more people realize that they don’t need it to live a fulfilling life. There’s nothing gained in the sanctuary that can’t be found elsewhere, and there are discoveries aplenty outside that dispute what’s inside.

I hope this is our starting point to an actual secular nation, perhaps more like Tokyo, Japan, the safest city in the world. . . 2% Christian.  Just saying.

A line has been drawn, so to speak.  It isn’t religious persecution, but accountability when someone points out to you your bigotry.  Well said, Mr. Silverman.

I ask you only to ask questions

-Sword Salad-


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