Perhaps Like This?

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll start telling people what’s on my mind.  Typically I just suppress what’s itching to come out through my fingertips and out my mouth, but I’ve been taking a different approach of late.  When my mom says something like, “All these different foods can detoxify your liver,” and I respond “No, no they don’t. Having a liver detoxifies your liver.” just maybe it’ll sink in if I persist long enough.  Or when my dad posts some crazy right wing nonsense on Facebook saying how bad Muslims are whilst totally ignoring the Crusades of the Middle Ages:

^ The one comment is me btw

This kind of cherry-pickery should be expected at the least (especially by the Religious Right), but shouldn’t be tolerated.  Perhaps instead of outright telling everyone I’m an atheist, I’ll just caress notes of critical thinking and facts into their echo chambers, hopefully interrupting their cacophonous, sonorous, ridiculous confirmation-biased views.  Maybe if they think I’m still Christian and have different views from the “norm” they’ll be inspired to be less firm in their ignorance.  Perhaps. . .


4 thoughts on “Perhaps Like This?

  1. Perhaps you would be less firm in your ignorance if you learned a little history. The Crusades, which killed around 0.5% the number of people who Islamic jihadists have killed over 1400 years, were a restrained reaction to violent Moslem imperialism which took over much of the world by extremely brutal means, killing, raping and enslaving millions.


    1. By all means, educate me. I’m not claiming to know it all and anything I can learn would be appreciated. I’m still not buying that Muslims are the most violent religion around though. Every religion has its extremist element, and to focus more on one group just because it’s separate from your group isn’t right.


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